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    43 years FRP boat building experience – reliable. professional

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    43 years FRP boat building experience – reliable. professional


Whale and dolphin watching passenger boats and catamarans Supply in Taiwan - SHING SHENG FA BOAT BUILDING CO., LTD.

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  • catamaran passenger boat

SHING SHENG FA BOAT BUILDING CO., LTD. (SSF) is a 41 year-old boat builder who's sold more than 1,000 ships in over 30 countries. Their skillful technology permitted them to design and build various vessels regardless of size, complexity or type. When KaiJing and LanJing contacted SSF, they requested a 50-ton catamaran, having seating accommodation for 100 passengers, big deck size, great air resistance, energy efficient, twin engine, etc. It would be a day cruising passenger boat that has a large deck to fit a reasonable amount of people and good investment results.

catamaran, passenger boat
Strong design capacity help you get good investment results

SSF’s design team came out with a design sketch based on the client’s requests and built a catamaran that would fit 100 seats, great view for passengers, no heeling, in line with government regulations, certified, and safety proven. It is a FRP boat built with high quality materials and accessories, and brand name engine.

catamaran, passenger boat
  • catamaran passenger boat
  • catamaran passenger boat

Catamaran has twin hull or multi-hull, joined by some structure, it is advantageous for someone who would like to use it for activities and entertainment offerings. When you consult with SSF for a fiberglass passenger boat, SSF is capable of providing professional suggestions, design sketches and full details of the vessel.

In Northeastern Taiwan, Yilan's Wushih Harbor was once a fishery town but now has become a tourist hot spot for whale and dolphin watching. Whale watching's success has encouraged fishermen to switch industries, and now you can see visitors touring around town and enjoying wildlife watching off the coast. KaiJing and LanJing is one of the boating companies, and they’ve chosen SSF to build passenger boats, which is the 1st whale and dolphin watching FRP catamaran in Taiwan.

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