• fish that caaught by deep sea fishing boat

    Ultra-Low Temperature Fishing Vessel from SHING SHENG FA

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    Energy-Saving and Durable Commercial Fishing Boats

  • fish that caaught by deep sea fishing boat

    Up to 340 Tons. Minus 60 Degrees Celsius Freezer Cooling System for Quality Sashimi

    Energy Saving. Durable FRP Saltwater Fishing Boat For You to Travel Far

    DNV Norway CR, LR and BV certified Deep Sea Tuna Fish Fishing Vessels


Deep Sea Fishing Boat Professional Manufacturer - SHING SHENG FA

deep-sea fishing boat build by SHING SHENG FA

In the deep sea fishery industry, SHING SHENG FA's fishing vessels are reputable for their quality.

SHING SHENG FA BOAT BUILDING CO., LTD. (SHING SHENG FA) is a fiberglass boat builder with seasoned experience. Until now, more than 1,000 boats, 70 tons to 340 tons, have been built over the last four decades, for buyers in over 30 countries. Especially in the deep-sea fishery industry, SHING SHENG FA's fishing boats are reputable for their quality, due to their no-compromise attitude on boat building quality and design, which is critical for deep sea fishing excursions. Tuna longliners, trawlers, seiners, torch fishing boats, squid fishing vessels, and pole and lines boot fishing boats have been commonly built since 1971.

Energy-Saving and Durable Commercial Fishing Boat for SHING SHENG FA's Client

The saltwater fishing boat is typically designed for the hostile environment, thus, a trustworthy fishing boat supplier is important. Solid and handmade boat hull, accurate onboard facility set up, and reliable low-temperature freezer for freezing caught fish, SHING SHENG FA's clients are catching high quality and expensive fish offshore, and the result is rewarding. SHING SHENG FA's goal is to design and build energy-saving and long-lasting fishing vessels in order to cope with low fish stocks and meet international fishery policy.

LIEN HSIANG Buys Tuna Fishing Boat from SHING SHENG FA for Seven Years

One of SHING SHENG FA's clients, LIEN HSIANG FISHERY CO., LTD (LIEN HSIANG), is a Taiwan-based fishing company that started deep sea tuna fishing seven years ago and has been conducting worldwide fishing with the substantial production. While many tuna fishers still prefer big boats and big catches, LIEN HSIANG began catching tuna fish using a 160 ton FRP fishing boat. Currently, the biggest one is 340 tons. With the precise interior set up and in-depth building technology, their boat steers smoothly in open water.

Each time when LIEN HSIANG places an order, they would suggest and negotiate with SHING SHENG FA on how to enhance the performance of the next boat. Such as lowering the temperature of the freezer and switching pole material to stainless steel in order to withstand the trolling force. 

LIEN HSIANG's tuna fishing boat uses the top level freezing system from Japan, which is a lot more expensive. Aluminum alloy pipes and tubes, stainless steel boards for quality freezing and cold storage. (Japanese freezer with Taiwanese pipe system can also be ordered to lower the cost.) Ultimately, as a result, LIEN HSIANG's commercial tuna fishing business is prospering.

So far, LIEN HSIANG has purchased ten tuna fishing boats from SHING SHENG FA, with a size range from 100 tons, 230 tons to 340 tons.

deep-sea fishing boat build by SHING SHENG FA

SHINE SHENG FA's FRP Fishing Boat Work Ethic

Insist on what's right and build a boat that is going to help clients to catch fish in the ocean; it means no compromise on improper requirement and being professional.

If the lamination process is not done right, water leaks; if the interior's setup is improper, the boat is unbalanced, which can affect trolling operation. Growing up in the fish market, Liu Xiong Qu (Mr. Liu), who's the owner of LIEN HSIANG, watched many fishing boats come and go every day. Based on observation, Mr.Liu learned where to buy his fishing boats.

"At the harbor, you see crews adding water in a hurry to balance a boat after unloading fish. Among all the boats, only SHING SHENG FA's fishing boat stayed still." Mr. Liu recalled. "And this is why I've been purchasing their fishing boat since and there's no regret.".

deep-sea fishing boat build by SHING SHENG FA
SHINE SHENG FA's Fishing Boat for Quality Sashimi – Minus 60 Degree Freezer Cooling System
frozen system on deep-sea fishing boats

Freezer-embedded commercial vessel to control the desired temperature. 

  • Fresh tuna fish on deep sea fishing boat
  • Fresh tuna fish on deep sea fishing boat
  • Fresh tuna fish sashimi

SHING SHENG FA's fishing boat allows you to catch fish with the substantial production.

Because of SHING SHENG FA's FRP freezer-embedded longliners, LIEN HSIANG is able to provide fine quality tuna fish to Japan.

In Japan, top sashimi grade seafood tuna's price is about 600-700 Japanese Yen per kilogram, and the demand is high. However, not every fishing company can provide fish that meet the strict requirements on Sashimi. LIEN HSIANG can.

As soon as a tuna fish is caught, the organ has to reach −20°C; the fish body reaches −40°C in eight hours, −60°C by the time the whole freezing process is done.

When fish arrives at the harbor, an inspector listens to the sound of fish hitting each other, which should sound crystal clear. Later, a hole is drilled into the fish and the temperature is tested with a thermometer. It is to avoid cell deterioration of the fish. With SHING SHENG FA's FRP freezer-embedded longliners, caught tuna fish is frozen in good process.

What is considered When Buying an Ultra-Low Temperature Fishing Vessel from SHING SHENG FA

How far and how long you would travel determines your boat design. When you purchase a longliner from SHING SHENG FA, these factors are considered: shape of the boat, mold design, size, cockpit design, fiberglass selection, resin and lamination, freezer temperature stabilization, boat wiring and plumbing, boat home furnishing, pole material, computer simulation, board thickness of freezer system, navigation light and speed, selection of electric generator and motor, meeting DNV, CR, LR, BV, ABS standards, on sea operation days, gas usage and temperature control of freezer, GPS/chart plotter/sounder, etc.

deep-sea fishing boat build by SHING SHENG FA
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