• turch light net fishing boat

    FRP fishing boat Building for 43 years

    fishing Boat Tonnage Ranging Between 50, 70, 80, 200 and 300 (39m) 

    Squid, torch light, tuna fishing boat with great fridge system

  • tuna long liner fishing boat

    Deep Sea FRP Fishing Boat - -55°C, 50-300 (39m) Ton

    -55°C deep sea fishing boat builder - SSF

    Squid, torch light, tuna fishing boat with great fridge system


Deep Sea Fishing. -55°C - SHING SHENG FA BOAT BUILDING CO., LTD. helps you sail further    

fishing boat

SHING SHENG FA BOAT BUILDING CO., LTD. (SSF) started to build fiberglass boats as a pioneer thirty years ago. At that time Gilontas was a small commercial fishing company. Knowing SSF has been making boats for years, they ordered their 1st 50-ton fishing boat and their 1st FRP squid boat from them. Because both companies are run by 2nd generation entrepreneurs and their hard work ethic is inherited, a long lasting cooperative relationship was created.

Today, SSF has built over 100 fishing boats for Gilontas and extended the boat sizes from 50 tons to 300 tons. Gilontas has become one of the world’s leading commercial fishing companies, scattered around the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans with many employees and various fishing boats conquering oceans worldwide.

For the last 30 years, SSF has been working closely with Gilontas to design and build innovative fishing boats. This is why Gilontas is a leading fishing company in the world, currently their fishing boats' tonnage ranging between 50, 70, 80, 200 and 300 (39m) including squid, torch light and tuna fishing boats. Those vessels have assisted Gilontas to go beyond the territories - from shallow to deep-sea fishing.

One-Stop fishing boat service

Why SSF? Besides more than 40 years of seasoned boat building experience, when fishing companies request boat designs based on their requirements, SSF turns clients' requests into design sketches. SSF is capable of providing design sketches after a series of consultations and communications.

From boat design, boat mould design, fiberglass selection, boat lamination, boat wiring and plumbing, boat home furnishings, boat quality assurance and boat shipping. SSF delivers one-stop service to make sure each detail is taken care of.

SSF Built 1st extreme low temperature fridge for a fishing boat, -55°C, 30 years ago

For the last 30 years, SSF has built various boat freezers with temperature ranges from -55 to -1 Degrees Celsius as Gilontas becomes a deep sea commercial fishing company. With SSF’s high-tech freezer technology, Gilontas is allowed to sail for one month and return with fresh seafood. As SSF becomes a sophisticated fishing vessel builder, Gilontas becomes a deep sea fisheries enterprise.

  • fishing boat
  • fishing boat
    Refrigeration Systems to Cool the Fish:
  • Ice cooling fridge system :
    -1°C ~ +30°C (fishes can be stored for approx 20 days.)
  • Iced water fridge system :
    -1°C ~ -35°C (fishes can be stored approx one month, suitable for squid and other different fish types.)
  • Extreme low temperature fridge system :
    -55°C (fishes can be stored for more than 6 months, suitable for tuna.)

SSF started to deliver extreme low temperature cooling system 30 years ago, their skillful technology permitted them to sell internationally including to Indonesia, South Korea, Panama, etc.

blueprint of a fishing boat

Fish freshness is a key to providing high quality meat and selling it for a good price. When fishers go deeper, fishing boats are required to have a fridge system with lower temperature in order to maintain the freshness of the fish. Each boat’s fridge design varies depending on the temperature requirements.

Know more about SSF - a boat builder with 43 years of experience.

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fishing boat
Squid Boat 290GT
Squid Boat

290 GT

torchlight fishing boat 100GT
Torchlight Fishing Boat

100 GT

tuna long liner boat 95GT
Tuna Long Liner Boat

95 GT

tuna long liner boat 160GT
Tuna Long Liner Boat

160 GT

tuna long liner boat 180GT
Tuna Long Liner Boat

180 GT

tuna long liner boat 250GT
Tuna Long Liner Boat

250 GT


*Each boat's specification varies based on client needs, please send us an inquiry for further consultation.

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