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    Fiberglass workboat for harsh operations


Taiwan-Made Working Boat Impresses U.S. Military U.S. Military When Pulling Decommissioned Figter Plane

  • working boat Polaris
  • the living room of working boat Polaris
  • the living room of working boat Polaris
  • the bedroom of working boat Polaris
  • the bedroom of working boat Polaris

A few months ago, a Taiwanese-owned U.S. fighter plane crashed into the ocean near Taiwan, which required a working boat to pull the debris. However, with the 2.8 ton debris from a fighter jet stuck 1/3 in the seabed - the ocean floor is cold, dark, covered in a mushy dirt - the underwater pulling task was extremely difficult. Under the U.S. military's concern, POLARIS was assigned to execute the job using its equipped ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), dynamic position system, deep tow system, etc. As a result, POLARIS impressed the U.S. marine representative with great performance.

For a long time, Taiwanese companies have been relying on hiring foreign working boats to conduct underwater tasks. "Having working boats from Japan or Philippines to work in Taiwan was not only costly but also time consuming, it's not very practical." says Mr. Zhao, a marine professor who's hired to coordinate underwater tasks and boat building. Due to the growing demands in Taiwan, POLARIS was built.

So far, POLARIS has been awarded NBIA (National Business Incubation Association) and also has been serving companies with oil and gas exploration, pipeline maintenance, volcano eruption studies and other projects which involve underwater work.

What you need to know about the working boat SSF build

Kaohsiung, Taiwan -- Polaris is outperforming other workboats in underwater research and surveys by supplying imperative data to oil, gas and water supply companies.

Five years ago, Mr. Zhao, the manager of Dragon Prince Hydro-Survey Enterprise Co., contacted SSF to build a working boat that is capable of performing tasks that are requested by Taiwanese companies. The duties include gas and oil exploration, pipeline surveys, wretch searches, repairing and shipping. Polaris was certified to work in Taiwan, later, it was upgraded and certified to work internationally.

"It was a workboat built to serve Taiwanese companies, now it's been used to provide deep sea survey for clients from Philippines and Japan. When they came over to visit Polaris, they were really impressed by the equipment we have in the boat.", Mr. Zhao says.

Polaris is built for worldwide operations which provide multi-role survey capabilities, including ROV inspection, pipeline and cable route surveys, high resolution seismic acquisition surveys, as well as environment surveys.

Polaris is equipped with a full suite of high technology reference station; Kongsberg Multibeam Sounders; Underwater Acoustic Position System; Digital Side Scan Sonar; Sub-Bottom Profiler; and other survey equipments, ROV, as well as comprehensive suite of deck equipments. Its displacement is 304.90 Tons and endurance is 20 days.

Side Scan/Sub-Bottom Profiler system
Side Scan/Sub-Bottom Profiler system is used to identify and characterize layers of sediment or rock under the seafloor. (Magnetic Survey)
remotely operated vehicle
SSF’s work boat equipped with Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
working boat equipment
Multiple purpose survey & ROV working support DP vessels' equipment

It took SSF over a year to build the work boat as normally it would only take half of the time to finish. Why? A good work boat requires great stability in order to reinforce its data accuracy when conducting maritime research under the sea. As the work boat was built, there were myriads of adjustments -- to check the data accuracy after each piece of equipment is installed; to ensure equipment’s stability when the boat moves; to assure the installation doesn’t cause an unbalanced hull.

"Polaris has over twenty pieces of equipment installed on the boat, it is very difficult to make any adjustments once they are fixed. Any changes can cause strong influences in data collecting and boat’s balancing. In Taiwan, we are the leading boat builder in this industry, we are capable of meeting clients’ high standards.", said Mr. Guo, the manager of SSF.

Polaris is brought back to SSF for check up every year. Because of the increased number of tasks, the rooms and equipment are renovated and upgraded to higher standards. says Mr. Guo.

the living room of working boat Polaris

It is BV, DNV approved. To acquire the right to work in International Oceans, especially coping with the harsh weather in the Indian Ocean, Polaris and all the equipment in the boat are certified. Regardless the structure of the hull, the stiffness and abrasion resistance, boat speed, and the material, SSF’s engineering team, with seasoned experience can assure Polaris performs the best in the sea.

“SSF’s boat is more expensive compared to others, but they provide the best for FRP boats. We choose SSF for the good quality. Currently, Polaris has a full schedule. We are also getting requests from Japan and Philippines customers who wish to work with her.", said Mr. Zhao, the manager of Polaris.

working boat - Polaris

SSF is recognized as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing workboats and vessels. Their workboats are designed specifically to achieve various challenges in order to present the best. SSF has been building workboats including fishery trials, oceanographic survey ships, oil spill prevent boats, patrol working boats, river working boats, etc. And their strong working boat custom ability allowed them to build any workboats that can cope with harsh operations.

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The working vessel, Polaris, has high ability in accomplishing underwater tasks, particularly in searching for the black box when a catastrophe happens. It was equipped with a 1.6 million USD SSS + SBP deep tow vehicle, which had a fully integrated turnkey system with a digital telemetry over single coaxial tow cable up to 6,000m, etc.

Due to the high cost and the long distance for renting a DP vessel, 12,000 USD a day, it further reinforced the need for a work boat to be built in Taiwan. Polaris was aimed to raise the underdeveloped level of marine research and other various tasks in Taiwan.

Regardless of whether it is conducting energy resource research, marine species research, historical studies, ocean disaster rescues or offshore drilling, Polaris, the working boat, was capable of completing all those high standard tasks. So far, Polaris has already participated in the remote observation of underwater pipelines for Taiwan's largest power and oil companies.

  • the design of working boat Polaris
  • the design of working boat Polaris
working boat Polaris

SHING SHENG FA BOAT BUILDING CO., LTD. (SSF), the working boat builder, imported advanced computer software, design system and integrated new boat building technology to enhance Polaris' capability. It allowed them to leverage their collective technical and practical experience with the best methods and materials available to build light weight FRP working boats, at the same time with more strength.


Working boat is also called dynamic positioning boat, DP boat, ocean research vessel and DP vessel.



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