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Reliable boat building processing is an essential part of boating safety. Safe boating begins with a safe boat.

SHING SHENG FA BOAT BUILDING CO., LTD. (SSF) built the world's first working boat and also was the first boat builder who took the initiative to start building fiberglass (FRP) boats 20 years ago, as well as designed and manufactured eco-friendly solar-powered boats. SSF had sold more than 1,000 boats in over 30 countries.

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Even 20 years ago, SSF had already started to build boats by applying professional company software and design systems. Along with conventional FRP lamination techniques, they also consistently cooperate with boat builder associations internally and internationally in order to receive the most up-to-date technologies, including epoxy resin infusion technology. SSF is always searching for technologies that can at the same time enforce boats'; solidness and also reduce weights.

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Boats built with international standards - DNV, ABS, LR, CR

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Besides fishing boats, SSF has been making passenger boats. If you go sightseeing, you can see their passenger boats touring around the harbors in different cities. Other than passenger boat and sightseeing ships, SSF is also a veteran of building various boats including 260 ton research vessels, patrol boats, luxury yachts, cargo ships, fishery trial boats, oil spill prevention boats, river working boats, 95, 160, 180, 250 tuna longliner boats, etc. Every boat is built with international certifications (DNV, ABS, LR, CR) to prove SSF’s capability in manufacturing boats with high technology and world-class standards.

New business model - fishing boat repairing

Years ago, Qijing was one of the districts which made Taiwan one of the world's top 7 boat manufacturing countries. Decades later, the boat building business slowed down due to market competition and government regulation, SSF survived and became one of the few FRP boat builders who's capable of building FRP boats that are under 300 tons. To survive, SSF started to repair fishing boats as an alternative business option. Years ago, fishing boats were required to have -45°C fridges for fish stock. Later, the rule changed, requiring -60°C. There were lots of fishing boats that needed to modify their storage temperature, and that's how SSF began their boat repairing businesses. And because of their 43 years of seasonal experience, their boat repairing quality has always exceeded their client's expectations. So far, they have repaired fishing boats from various countries including Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, etc.
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Qijing is a town near Kaohsiung located in southwestern Taiwan. Besides sea food and beaches, Qijing is also a district which has made Taiwan one of the world's top 7 luxury yacht manufacturing countries. LVMH Chief Bernard Arnault, German racing driver Ralf Schumacher and the owner of Swarovski all purchased luxury yachts in Taiwan.

"Made in Taiwan" yachts have even been featured on American TV shows. Therefore, Taiwan boat builders' strong customization and innovation yacht design capabilities have attracted wealthy people worldwide. With their solid reputation and more than NT$50 billion (US$ 1.5 billion) in revenues, Taiwan's boat builders have been encouraged to upgrade their technologies in order to build sophisticated and advanced yachts.

Luxury yacht builder with sophisticated interior design plus authentic boat building skills - SSF

Six years ago, SSF was invited to join a government project involved in yacht design and yacht building. Therefore, SSF went a step further to invest in a yacht building plant, including equipment purchasing and plant expansion. SSF uses world-class equipment and top quality material for every client's yacht; Volvo Penta IPS, Cummins Onan, Caterpillar power systems; Onan or Northern Light marine generators and air conditioning systems; Raymarine or Garmin marine GPS systems; ABT - Trac stabilizers; Sidepower and ZF Faster propellers; Miele fridges and Fisher Paykel dish washers. To enforce every yacht's quality and uniqueness, most of the yacht accessories are customized, including 316 stainless steel handrails, imported Myanmar teak wood floors, and high-end wood for interior decoration.

SSF's designers are experts in using tasteful colors and designs to create a modern, intimate feel on the yacht. For luxury yacht interior design, there are natural marbles, handmade carpets, ultraleather or alcantara leathers. Every yacht, is ABYC, CE, DNV ISO 9001-2000 certified. SSF's design team ensures your luxury yacht is a masterpiece of art that brings you peace and joy. SSF's yacht collections including 37ft Convertible, 55ft Express, 56ft Flybridge, 58ft Pilothouse, 62ft Pilothouse, 76ft Explorer, 85ft Expedition, etc.


For generations, SSF's family members had been fishing for a living and living close to the ocean in a fishermen’s village. "When most of fishermen were still using sampans for fishing, they had hired workers to build 40 foot wooden motor boats", Denny Huang recalled. Years later, when Taiwan's economy was booming, SSF started an oil recycling company that was focused on recycling commercial fishing vessel oil. However, while the business was doing great, the Taiwan government decided to take over it due to the new regulations. Therefore, SSF was forced to start a new business.

In the olden days, the metal oil and water containers were heavy and easily got rusted. One day, there was a salesman trying to sell fiberglass (FRP), a material invented during World War II, and Denny Huang thought of an idea to use the fiberglass to replace the metal oil and water containers on the fishing boats. The business was prosperous! Every fishing boat owner wanted their metal containers switched to fiberglass ones. One time, one of the boat owners said to Denny Huang: Denny, can you use fiberglass to build boats? Denny Huang replied, "that's what they use to build boats in some countries." The conversation inspired Denny Huang, in 1971, to purchase an old fish meat processing factory and rebuild it into a fishing boat plant to start his boat manufacturing business.

In the first year, SSF built a series of 70 foot fiberglass boats for a fishing company, the next year, they had built nine 95 foot fishing boats. Later, because of the wood control policy, their FRP boat orders went up like crazy. "The first FRP boat builder in Taiwan", SSF became so popular in Taiwan that they started to receive orders from other countries, like the ultra-low temperature tuna fishing vessel they built for an Indonesian fishing company. 

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